9 outfits for home office days – autumn edition​

Zoom is the new meeting room, your dining table is the new office and your sweatpants are the new suits - it doesn’t have to be!

According to the best essay writing, when people are suddenly forced to work from home, the boundaries between work and personal life begin to blur. And this is a normal thing that happens. You are now forced to adapt your home environment to have a working space, so you need to make big changes. Your home is now the place where you sleep, eat, exercise and work and boundaries will surely get blurred.

Living and working in the same place one day can be fun but the other day can be the worst motivator ever. On Monday you are enjoying your coffee and doing the check-in zoom from your bed, but on Wednesday you find yourself washing the dishes and watering your plants during an important meeting. 

But how can we separate our personal life from business life when we live and work in the same place?

Dressing up to work is a great method to create boundaries between your personal life and your work. Working in casual clothes means that your personal life will take over the work one. But if you try to dress up for several days, your brain will learn to make the difference. You will make the difference easier and entering work mode will be easier than before.

We created 9 home office outfits that would increase your productivity in working from home.

A flowy and easygoing dress is a polished yet laid-back option to wear with your everyday leggings.

  • Sriped dress Sophie-Sue blue

    SOPHIE-SUE organic cotton dress

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Swap your more structured blazers for a soft and relaxed shirt style instead.

  • bardenas pierda cover

    BARDENAS cotton safari shirt

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Fact: A knit matching set always looks seriously luxe: sweater and pants.

  • ANNA organic cotton sweater, cardigan

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  • louise knitted pants rust

    LOUISE organic cotton knitted pants rust

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Brighten up your Zoom meeting look with a pop of springtime mustard

  • JOYCE-LOU Lyocell Jersey Top

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Nothing jazzes up an outfit quite like a puff sleeve. This one below looks so good on and is super comfortable at the same time. 

Don’t let go of the business casual look with our classic blazers.

  • Manchaster ARAMÚ blazer

    MANCHESTER blazer – truly metropolitan

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  • new york blazer by aramu

    NEW YORK blazer – for the women of the city

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Love, Sara

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