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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to talk with Chelsea, founder of ANIMA ANIMUS.

We were talking about PALANTA’s mission and how do we tackle the problems in the fashion industry.

ANIMA ANIMUS is on a mission

to be a platform to drive conversations and to strive for better ways of working and thinking; holding the vision for a more conscious, yet exciting, industry for all. In an era of cultural awakening, we truly believe it is time to be a rebel with a cause. 

ANIMA; the unconscious inner feminine of a man. Equivalently, the unconscious masculine inner personality of a woman: ANIMUS.


“So as a young person building a brand for young people, I wanted to reinvent that label into something cool and desirable, closing the gap for sustainable streetwear, and prove that sustainable fashion isn't only for the "eco-warriors," but for everyone. As a collective, we can all play our part as individuals and businesses to ensure fashion remains a fun, creative and fairer industry for all.”

- Chelsea shared.
anima animus

We talked about:

The pleasure of possession, ownership and how do I see this change shifting in younger generations.

We are ‘Generation Rent’. People between age 25 to 34-year-olds) are not buying property nowadays. We are living in an age of virtual libraries where we stream music and films online, without needing to own any of them.  nowadays we essentially ‘rent’ our entertainment. So why wouldn’t we be coveting the same concept for our wardrobes?

I also shared how PALANTA works, how do we store the items and why do we have all size ranges but maybe fewer styles.

We are not excluding anyone because of their body shape. All women deserve to experience renting with PALANTA.

How does pandemic affect clothing rental? What is the next for PALANTA?

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