Closet Mass Index – Sneak peek into Sara's wardrobe

Dirty Laundry and my Closet Mass Index

Let’s calculate our closet mass index! Apart from supporting sustainable brands and bringing you the opportunity to expand your wardrobe, without buying clothes, PALANTA’s goal is to motivate and support you during your sustainable journey. 

When I first came across with sustaianbility and zero-waste way of living, I often felt judged, and scared to follow those perfect people who are way ahead of me, regarding their zero-waste and minimalist life.

Here I share, with full transparency, a sneak peek into my wardrobe. Moreover, I’ve came across with the Dirty Laundry project. Dirty Laundry is composed of 12 young fashion activists ranging from all departments of Amsterdam Fashion Institute. They aim to facilitate meaningful change in the industry, by bringing together a diverse community of students, educators and professionals, in a safe space, to encourage critical and creative dialogue and trigger collective action.

How to calculate your CMI?

It’s only 7 easy steps:

1. Grab pencil & paper
2. Sort your items per categories
3. Count
4. Reflect
5. Fill in the survey
6. Tidy up
7. Share your story! #ClosetMassIndex

You can also download a printable worksheet and Dirty Laundry’s guide via their website:

You can also download a printable worksheet and Dirty Laundry’s guide via their website:

My Closet Mass Index results:

I always thought that I have a lot of clothes, mostly because I used to go to thriftshops when I was in highschool with my friends and because my mom gifted me some of her clothes she used to wear. At the end I realized, I might have a lot of clothes but I only bought 8 pieces since 2019 january. Mostly beacuse I moved to the UK and later to the Netherlands, so I needed some (rainproof outerwear and bikeproof trausers)…. 🙂

In total I have 129 pieces of clothing: 70 newly purchased (mostly from H&M, Stradivarius, F&F, Reserved and ZARA – before my sustainable journey started in 2019 january), 20 second hand from thrift shops and 39 pieces from swaps or from my mother. <3

I also realized my unworn pieces are mostly from my mother, you can’t tell her no when she is watching, right? So I’ll donate those unworn pieces, namely 29piece.

My style has changed since I’m in the Netherlands. From white shirts and skirts I used to wear for university or work I shifter to more casual t-shirt and jeans, but maybe when the quarantine is over I’ll be ready to suit-up again!

Would you like to expand your closet without buying anything? Rent your wardrobe with PALANTA and refresh your wardrobe with new clothes in a sustainable way!

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