PAVONADA is known for their outstanding and original patterns, colors and high quality textiles for the youngest. This brand, as all other brands that PALANTA offers to rent, is transparent about their production chain, respects the environment and uses natural materials that are sustainably sourced.

“PAVONADA believes that beauty should be a complement with functionality“


The most used fabric by PAVONADA is bamboo. It might be surprising but bamboo is heat-insulating, anti-static and absorbs moisture three times better than cotton. The bamboo fabric is extremely delicate and doesn’t irritate the skin. Next to that it is allergy sufferers and asthmatics can safely wear it too. All of PAVANODA’s fabrics have international safety certificates to prove that.


PAVONADA products are created in ethical conditions, using authorial fabrics with international certificates and premium finishes, giving them unique softness and lightness. That is why PAVONADA’s collections are sewn 100% in Poland, in small local-family sewing houses. This way the local economy and small entrepreneurships are supported, therefore the transport routes are shorter and less greenhouse gasses are released in the environment.

Because of this local scale production almost no fabric waste is created within the company. PAVONADA uses all the scraps and offcuts to create small extra gifts for their customers such as scrunchies. 

At last, PAVONADA uses only recycled jeans materials. They work together with the Global Recycle Standard to give a second life to fabric waste. These recycled materials are turned into your child’s favourite and most frequently worn outfit!

We have sizes from 68-110!

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