Meet the founders

ToddieBag was born responding to the changes in Fruzsi Giret’s – one of the founder – personal life when her son, Bence was born. 

At that time, the Hungarian market was lacking the baby products she was looking for, so Fruzsi decided to make those products as a part of a new brand, Toddie Bag.

She joined forces with her friend, Györgyi Laár, a talented costume designer and illustrator, to create baby and toddler clothing and accessories designed in their own style.

The Concept

Their first product was a dribble bib which was a niche product at that time in Hungary. Suddenly, in 2014, the sleeping bags were the real breakthrough. 

The product is unique because Fruzsi and Györgyi took the idea of the sleeping bag with feet and developed it, adding the roll-up socks. These function as socks at night and can be opened during the day. Toddie Bags are designed for little ones who already walk. 

These sleeping bags with roll-up socks became popular almost instantly, so the Toddie Bag business brought sweet dreams to thousands of families in only a few years.

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"Do no harm." - values and materials

The pieces of this collection are made from natural fabrics, the highest quality possible.

The fabrics are coloured with organic, 100% baby friendly, saliva resistant, EU certified dyes. From the 100% cotton, to the organic cotton fleece, to the vegan leather label – every piece of these bags comes from a natural source. The product was designed and made in Hungary. The only exception is the organic cotton fleece, which comes from the Netherlands.

Eco-conscious sleep bag for toddlers, from size 86 to size 110, made in an environmentally conscious way: ‘Do no harm’.

- Fruzsi and Györgyi explained.
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