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The Poppy Field brand reflects the flawless harmony of founders Jade and Benoit. Jade's artistic flair and graceful style create a free-spirited, soft and sexy collection. This is complemented by Benoit's business sense and his photography, which underlines the individuality of the garments.

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"Why is there no stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion label?" was the question asked over a glass of wine with friends in 2013.

A desire to find products that expressed their styles without harming the planet inspired the founders of the brand JAN 'N JUNE to bring the much-needed change to the fashion industry. Why be ashamed if we care about our outfits because we can now do it responsibly? The brand's minimalist-style clothes with a twist will make you feel one with them and highlight your unique personality.

Behind the scenes

JAN 'N JUNE proves that sustainability can be more than just an empty phrase. They let us in on the details of their operations for full transparency. This is a key part of their business model.

They pay attention to high quality in terms of materials and workmanship - to increase the longevity of each fashion piece.

The products are made fairly in Portugal and Poland. The brand has a manufacturer's map where you can see where the magic happens - overall they work exclusively with producers in Europe. This allows them to visit the factories regularly and keep in close contact. Thanks to this, they regularly visit and have close relationships with suppliers.

Every piece has its own QR code. Scanning it, you can follow the product through every step of production.

The importance of materials

JAN 'N JUNE is proud of itself when it comes to materials. They place a high priority on sustainable fibres.

They try not to mix natural and chemical fibres whenever possible, so the collection is also easy to recycle.

And what are these materials?

JAN 'N JUNE uses organic cotton and recycled cotton. Importantly, their organic cotton is GOTS-certified since July 2021. They also opt in for recycled cotton to lower their impact that comes with growing (organic) cotton - from water to field usage. 

On top of that, organic linen and Belgium Linen™ with a smooth feel are among their favorites. The latter is made from linen grown in Belgium and France. Besides the yarn spinning, all supply chain steps took place in the EU.

Additionally, they chose ECOVERO™ and Tencel™ Lyocell as an alternative to viscose. The wood (more specifically the cellulose) used to make the yarn is sustainably grown and processed and comes only from responsible, certified sources. The process is similar to viscose but more sustainable.

Lastly, their recycled polyamide material, which resembles neoprene, is made from ocean waste and old fishing nets. Less waste and breathable, stylish material? Perfect!

All in all, everything is fair & fun when it comes to JAN 'N JUNE pieces. Especially when you rent them yourself! Check out our JAN 'N JUNE selection

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Original and timeless

Maed for mini is a Dutch brand founded by Maerle Mulder and Edward Ouwerkerk, inspired by their experience raising two children and their commitment to the environment.

The Amsterdam-based brand offers soft, quality unisex pieces for children aged 0-10 years which kids can enjoy, and mums-dads can watch with delight as they play happily. 

The brand believes in enduring quality and the power of original and timeless design.

„With the use of carefully selected materials, we strive to create a long-lasting product that can be worn year-round, deserves to be treasured and that can be passed onto next generations.” - Maed for mini

They are the future

Maed for mini brings a touch of humor to our lives with its soft materials, charming silhouettes, and fun prints. And that is the point!

Behind this playfulness is a sense of responsibility and a moral obligation to create in a way that leaves behind a liveable planet for children.

 „Realize that your authenticity is power and you create your own future.” - Maed for mini

Zebra t-shirt for kids by Maed for Mini available to be rented on Palanta the clothing library.

Always one step closer to sustainability

The brand doesn't claim to be perfect, but they are constantly working to do better. 

Each season they increase the percentage of more responsible fibers used in their collections. 90% of their suppliers are GOTS, BSCI, and/or OEKO-TEX certified and they want to increase this to 100%.

80% of their finished products are packaged in oxo-biodegradable bags. These will turn into water, carbon, dioxin, and biomass in 180 days and leave no trace. The remaining 20% is packaged in recycled polyester bags.

They strive to minimize waste. One way is to be careful when planning the amount of material for new designs. They usually don't have much leftover, but if they do, they always try to use it for another (limited edition) style which means they’re consolidating fabrics as much as possible to avoid waste of materials.

They are also supporting local businesses and talent in responsible operations. They constantly look after their employees and the people who make their products. They expect the same from their partners and strictly monitor their working conditions and ensure that their employees are paid fairly. 

Palanta proudly has the brand among its partners. We have been supporting each other's work since our collaboration, and providing continuous feedback to ensure transparent operations,  

Our best-selling pieces range from zebra pattern blouses and velvet rompers for conscious parents.

Choose your favourite Maed for Mini pieces in our collection

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GANNI–pronounced GHA-NEE–is the daring Danish brand that has built a cult following with its quirky and exuberant aesthetic.

Ultimately, this eccentric brand based in Copenhagen stands for an inherently confident way of dressing, built on attitude and comfort. 'It's all about the small surprising element that makes it fun,' says Pernille Teisbaek (LINK to IG), the super influencer and poster girl for Danish style.

Power couple of Denmark

Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup met on the dance floor at a party, fell in love, and married seven months later. They're the Danish duo behind GANNI as we know it: the brand defined by its mix of parties and friends and a laid-back approach to fashion.

GANNI has developed exponentially over recent years with its Scandi 2.0 sense of style full of personality and contrast - all about making its community who wear their clothes feel even more confident and capable of anything. 

Not a sustainable brand

GANNI made waves with their controversial statement, saying “We are not a sustainable brand”– which also goes against Palanta values. It is true that GANNI doesn't identify as a sustainable brand because at its core fashion thrives off newness and consumption–which is a major contradiction to the concept of sustainability. Instead, they’re focused on becoming the most responsible version of themselves and being fully transparent about it, which we really value.

Taking responsibility & Making a difference

“For us, acting responsibly is a moral obligation.” - GANNI Responsibility Plan 2022

With Responsibility Reports each year and updated Responsibility plans, GANNI is showing how a high-street fashion brand can bring sustainability to its core values without compromising on style. Since 2019, they have been working on 44 tangible goals to be reached by 2023 which take a holistic approach to responsibility. By the end of 2021, they achieved a total of 30 of the 44 goals, making them reassess and aim even higher than before. 

“In order for us to make a profound impact and continue to be the most responsible version of ourselves, we need to dive much deeper into the work and really do the hard stuff! Moving forward, we will be hyper-focused on climate action, circularity and supply chain accountability.”

This image features a Ganni design,

Read more about GANNI’s Gameplan and goals here. We have cherry-picked our favourite findings:

  • GANNI has more women in leadership positions than ever before. 74% of their management team identify as female.
  • In June 2021, GANNI hired its first Social Responsibility Manager, who is responsible for our work on supply chain accountability.
  • In 2021, GANNI utilised 5,800 pieces of their deadstock waste for upcycling projects.
  • Goal 24 calls for implementing the circularity principles into design briefs, with a minimum of 20% of styles designed with circularity principles by 2022.

On top of that, GANNI also joined the Transparency Index pioneered by the Fair Wear foundation this year, committing themselves to be honest about their current state of affairs and taking the unnecessary steps to improve how they produce their collections. 

Setting the example 

GANNI has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to eccentric & playful clothing, now they are paving the way for many (unsustainable) brands to update the business as usual for the 21st century. From ambitious goals to smaller iterations, all make a difference on such a scale that GANNI operates. 

As one of the testaments to this statement serves the partnership with RePack, a reusable packaging and returnable packaging alternative made from recycled materials that save up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to single-use options.   

Progress over perfection

While we acknowledge that GANNI still has a long way to be called sustainable, from their ethical practices to greener materials, we believe that they are joining the Fair Wear foundation this year and setting 44 tangible, sustainable goals are steps in the right direction. 

Having high-quality pieces of this brand on Palanta's platform also helps them become circular, one step towards minimising their environmental impact. 

Rent your favourite GANNI look now.

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While Rhumaa as a brand stopped their operations at the beginning of 2020, their message has lived on through the garments they've created and via platforms such as Palanta.

Rhumaa designs are bright, vibrant, and simply transport you to another world. All because the brand has become one with art. Founder Daniel Beernink is entirely in love with South Africa's history and its creators' work.

Every collection is inspired and made in collaboration with an artist. Some tell a personal story, others share hopes, dreams and nearly all, share it with emotion to impact the lives of others in positive ways. African artists tell us their stories through the brand’s collections. Their visions are expressed through print, design, color, and high-quality sustainable fabrics. The prints convey dreams, desires, and hopes. Each is a uniquely characterful narrator of the story of the artist and a powerful tool for making positive changes in others' lives.

You'll find treasures among the timeless and sophisticated pieces because the creators always add a fresh twist. The patterns and colors are inimitable and will lift your mood all day long.

„We are all connected; to each other, to the community, to nature ourselves and what we wear.” Rhumaa


The brand has taken sustainability to heart and tried to make as much of a real impact as possible.

This included the use of sustainable materials, their commitment to recycling, and fair and transparent processes with their employees and partners.


The brand's sources - whether it's labor or materials - were based on fair principles. Their employees were paid a decent wage and worked in decent conditions.

The origin of the fibers was a priority. They tracked and regularly checked the path from the farm through dyeing to the finished fabric. They only selected partners that meet European environmental standards that prevent harmful chemicals from being used. These include GOTS and OEKO-TEX® 100 certification. All their products are also REACH compliant and AZO-free, using materials that are good for the skin and healthy for the environment.

No more talking, let’s now experience the Rhumaa adventure and enjoy their creations with PALANTA.

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