Beaumont Organic

Ethical contemporary brand from women

We choose to work with Hannah because we are in love with her style and dedication towards a more sustainable future. Beaumont organic focuses on contemporary conscious clothing for the modern woman , a British brand combining signature styling with contemporary classics. Teaming contrasting fabrics and unique silhouettes with luxury organic, fairtrade and eco fabrics to create a renowned style.

The collection offers a wardrobe of timeless and versatile pieces - everything a woman needs to dress for both night and day . - Hannah said

Beaumont Organic introduces two collections a year along with a collection of accessories that embeds the brands clean look and contemporary styling. The founder Hannah is an advocate for sustainable lifestyle and even seeks to share her knowledge to help develop other brands.

Not just a brand ... a lifestyle & community

The brand today even hosts a creative hub , to encourage a conscious living, and raise brand awareness in a more authentic way. They organize regular workshops and events with local artisans, from macrame making to nutrition and mindful eating, allowing the conscious customers to have a space where they can engage and become immersed in the Beaumont Organic lifestyle and community. Additionally they also have a foundation , where they pledge to donate 1% of Beaumont Organic’s annual profits to helping the people and children on the island of Taveuni, in order to help make their lives a little better, day-to-day.

In 2008, Beaumont Organic was born from Hannah’s love of fashion yet noticing a lack of ethical contemporary clothing in the market. Beaumont Organic became her voice; allowing her to combine creativity and business sense in an authentic way, she created a product she believed in and was passionate about. The company’s first products were made up of organic cotton ecru t-shirts.

Who made your clothes?

The brand combines pioneering design with ethical standards, the key ethical values they integrate are:

  • Slow production: As they only produce 2 collections a year, to reduce mass production and textile waste
  • Traceability: They integrate a fully transparent supply chain from materials and production , to make sure each step within the production is consciously planned out.
  • Natural and ethical materials: From GOT certified organic cotton, linen and wool, they make sure each material is of high quality, valuing those of natural origin
  • Reduce waste: By using end of roll and off cut fabric, to avoid unnecessary textile waste
  • Ethical production: By ensuring fair working conditions, to construct a conscious supply chain
  • Social support: Started the Beaumont Organic Foundation, which donates 1% of the brand’s annual profits to assisting the people and children on the island of Taveuni, in Fiji
  • High customer value: By creating an emotional bond through clothing to reinforce its timelessness, and value
The main ethical materials within the collection are:
  • Organic cotton: Mainly used for fair trade collections
  • Linen: Organic shirts, dresses and fabrics from artisanal linen
  • Lyocell: Used for comfortable t-shirts and dresses
  • Wool: Consciously sources used for knitwear pieces
  • Bamboo: Core fabric for activewear
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