At By Signe they strive for honest and sustainable fashion without compromise. The entire design process is sustainably fulfilled as the main collection is produced in the brands own socially responsible atelier in Turkey.

Founded in the spring of 2019, ‘Moon Tekstil’ is the first of its kind; an ethical- and socially responsible manufacturing facility in Turkey build on European principles, applying positive changes directly to the lives of the employees and honoring the handcraft of manufacturing in a safe and healthy environment.

When selecting materials, they strive for all fabrics to be organic and certified by ‘The Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS) which is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. Striving to cover all aspects of their production in a sustainable manner, By Signe also substitute the regular plastic buttons with natural alternatives, mostly made from wood or seashells within their clothing pieces.

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