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We met Maria, founder of Canussa during a mentorship programme, called UN Women Industry Disruptor Bootcamp, a unique incubation and mentorship program that provides entrepreneurs, of all genders with female-benefitting enterprises, the chance to tackle key sustainability challenges in the fashion industry. Both Palanta and Canussa were part of the programme and this was the time when Maria approached us with the motivation of joining Palanta’s platform.

Maria Cano, the founder of Canussa, launched the vegan accessory brand where purpose never goes out of style. Their purpose is making your everyday life more practical and easier, with a long-lasting and real commitment towards a circular future. A purpose materialized in expertly crafted timeless pieces created ethically by skilled local artisans using eco-friendly and vegan fabrics.

Maria believes it is possible to create fashion that respects the planet and since Canussa was born they were doing their best to do so. They are working hard towards circular fashion, taking into account the materials they use, the quality of the products they produce so their items last as long as possible.

Canussa supports fashion sharing and we are seeking solutions for our products for ending their life and be part of the circular economy by collaborating with rental websites such as Palanta and Ecodicta in Spain. Our bags and belts are durable, could be worn in different ways, thus a perfect combination for short- and long-term renting.

- Maria explained.
Vegan? Upcycled? Zerowaste? Yes!

Highly resistant vegan fabrics
The fabric used for the exterior of Canussa accessories is waterproof and has the appearance of 100% natural leather in a microfiber that is washable, light, ecological and highly resistant, even against chemical agents, created without using processes detrimental to health and also importantly, cruelty-free.

Upcycled textile
Canussa lining is made of upcycled textile, a wicking, breathable and quick-drying blend of plastic bottles. For each Canussa bag, we’ve used up to 10 plastic bottles, in essence turning used plastic bottles into a higher value, quality product, giving it a second life.


“We aim for responsible consumption, that’s why all our creations have been made with materials that are not just respectful to the environment but also are highly resistant, so your accessory can last for many years.”

- said Maria.

Zero Waste

“Our aim is a circular future. That’s why we produce everything with a zero waste and eco-design mindset by upcycling and recycling materials to create our pieces and minimize unnecessary waste.”

- Maria explained.

Minimal carbon footprint
Canussa deeply cares about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why they’re partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every Canussa sold.


Who made your bag?

Canussa believes in ethical fashion that respects people. They believe it is possible to create fashion under good working conditions and adopting fair trade. They believe in generating quality employment, supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Handcrafted in Spain

Canussa supervises every step of the creative process, involving handmade and carefully designed work by local artisans. Their artisans are totally engaged and excited about working in an ethical and responsible way, with vegan materials.


In fashion, people are not involved only in the production process, but also in the distribution channel, there is a huge involvement.

“We want you to find Canussa at stores and marketplaces that understand the difference and share our values, we want to be exclusively at sustainable stores and marketplaces.”

- Maria shared.
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