Capsule Studio

Empowering sustainable suits

Suits are a great option for making a first impression during a business meeting or whenever you need a bit more confidence! PALANTA now offers suits from Capsule Studio for rent. The TOKYO suit comes in pink, the PARIS crop top is in beige.


The collection

Capsule Studio creates pieces that can be easily combined with other pieces from their collection or another brand. Hence their name, they offer a great variety of pieces in different colors and materials that match together to create a sophisticated look. Therefore they are the perfect match to rent from PALANTA and mix them up with other pieces we offer to create a unique look.


Production and materials
Capsule Studio is a slow fashion brand, they produce their pieces in limited quantities so there is no mass or overproduction. The collection is produced in Poland made from materials such as organic cotton, premium linen and deadstock fabrics. It was a conscious choice to produce in Europe so that the manufacturing can be monitored regularly and where the experienced tailors get paid a living wage. Next to that, Capsule Studio uses natural and deadstock materials as much as possible to lower their environmental impact.
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