Roosmarijn and Isabel started the Naaierij together to create more awareness in the field of sustainable fashion. They mainly focus on sewing and repairing.


Isabel started giving repair/sewing workshops in early 2019 with her company Zipper Studio. These workshops took place throughout The Hague in various lunch spots and locations. Isabel studied product design and then worked for a sewing magazine (Knipmode). There she worked on the online editorial board and also made sewing tutorials. Sewing has been in her from an early age and she would like to pass this on through her sewing lessons at the Naaierij.


After her training in fashion design from Willem de Kooning, Roosmarijn continued her graduation collection and started her own clothing line, Studio Soesoe.


While they were both looking for a studio, Roos & Isabel came into contact with each other via Instagram. They first worked 'side by side' on their own companies, but soon discovered that they had a shared passion for sustainable fashion. Both had stopped buying clothes from the large fashion chains for a year and were now working on a more sustainable approach to fashion. So many ideas came up that they decided to share them with the rest of the world, to create more awareness, to inspire and above all to lower the threshold to sustainable fashion.

They soon came across a beautiful building on the Boekhorststraat in The Hague. The Makers Quarter. A street filled with wonderful initiatives, in which the Naaierij fits perfectly.


De Naaierij is a sustainable (fashion) event location. Various events are organized such as clothing swap, but also lectures and exhibitions. In addition, you can;

  • Come and repair your clothes in the repair/sewing café while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Shop between our sustainable clothing options such as the Naaierij collection, Studio Soesoe, vintage clothing and the permanent swap rack
  • You can buy sewing supplies and sewing machines
  • Follow sewing lessons
  • Shop products from local entrepreneurs
  • But above all, come by and be inspired by our location and store.

We currently live in a fast fashion culture, in which clothing is seen as a disposable product. We are triggered to buy as much as possible and the large fashion chains have the largest share in this, as they easily release twelve collections a year. Due to the acceleration of trends, clothing is seen as a disposable product and more and more is being produced to meet demand. As a result, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter of our planet.

IN THE HAGUE ALONE, 8 MILLION KILOS OF CLOTHING ARE THROWN AWAY EVERY YEAR! Because clothing is nowadays seen as a disposable product, we no longer attach any emotional value to an item. Everything should be as cheap, easy and fast as possible. The more the better is the motto. While most of us don't even wear everything in our closet.

Our mission is to let you get in touch with a piece of clothing again. To make you value clothes again. We do this by repairing and upcycling, but also by showing who makes the product. This could be Isabel and Roosmarijn when they make a Sewing Collections item especially for you, or maybe it's you yourself when you come to repair or sew in our Sewing Café. We want to show how much work goes into a piece of clothing and how nice it is if you have made or repaired something yourself.

Furthermore, we believe that no new fabric should be used to produce beautiful items. That is why we only use fabric that is already in the world, such as deadstock but also old garments,It is especially important that we stop or reduce buying fast fashion. Think a little longer before you buy or buy sustainable, second-hand or vintage. After all, there is already enough clothing in the world.

- Roos & Isabel


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