Floria Collective

Timeless garments, made consciously.

Floria Collective is a slow fashion label, creating high quality designs with a timeless character. They create garments for the modern and conscious woman, who wants to make a difference and look good while doing so.

They want to make the people and our planet; flourish. Therefore every garment is designed and made with respect for the planet and in collaboration with artisans and small family owned businesses. They work exclusively with recycled, organic and biodegradable materials and give full transparency into our supply chain.

Floria's made it their mission to make the fashion industry more transparent, socially fair and sustainable.

As a brand, they committed themselves to work according the following principles:

​They believe transparency is key. As a brand, they are committed to bring insight in our full supply chain to make sure all people working on their garments have save, respectful and ethical working conditions. They will do their best to inform ther community and be open about all our practices. Their goal is to connect you with their partners and processes as much as possible.

They work with small artisans and partners who share the same values as theirs, and do their best to minimize the impact they have on our planet. Besides Floria appreciates and respects their traditions and craft and do their best to learn from their wisdom as much as possible.

Floria only works with natural materials and strive to develop garments which are 100% biodegradable. Most of today’s clothes are made from synthetic fibres such as polyester, acrylic, polyamide etc. These fibres can take up to 200 years to decompose. They decided to only work with natural materials such as cotton, wool and hemp. When working with natural materials derived from animals, they make sure it is certified or have seen the living conditions of the animals ourselves, to make sure welfare of the animals is guaranteed. But not only for their fabrics they strive to work with natural and biodegradable materials, also for their hardware and packaging materials.

Are they perfect? No, but Floria strives to do better every step along the way.

Floria means ‘to bloom’ or ‘flourish’ in Papiamento; the local language of Curacao, summarizing the core for the concept of Floria. Floria wants to make the people and our planet; flourish.

I was only six months old, when I made my first trip to the Caribbean island Curacao. After this trip, many more followed and at the age of 23 I decided to make the island my home for a few years. During my time living on the island, I enjoyed the slow island life and lived more in contact with nature. Because of this, I became more conscious of the impact our lifestyle has on others, our planet and ourselves. From this moment on, I knew I wanted to do things differently.

With a degree in fashion and with the experience I gained in the industry, I dreamt of starting my own fashion label. Similarly, I knew the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world and also one of the biggest industries supporting modern slave labor. It is a Trillion dollar industry that supplies 300 million people with a job every year, of which only 2% earn a livable wage. A challenging industry, but with a big opportunity for change.

Even though my contribution in this feels small (for now), I do believe in the power of the collective. Therefore, with Floria, I want to build a collective of conscious women, who want to make a difference and look good while doing so. I believe big changes start with those small, conscious choices you make on a daily basis, to make a positive impact for yourself, others and our planet. All those small choices by all those single people will add up, until one day we realize those are the things that make the big difference. Be the change and the world will change by your example.

- Froukje, founder of Floria

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