Balance between function and aesthetics...

GOOD KRAMA blends traditional weaving techniques with upcycled textiles to create relevant and unique streetwear for women and men. They believe in transparent communication, circular supply chains and fair trade production. GOOD KRAMA celebrates the artisans that contribute to our universe as they aim to show that ethics and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive.

You may be wondering: what is a krama?

The krama is traditional silk or cotton textile with a checkered pattern that is emblematic of Southeast Asia. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and aesthetics.

Reducing textile waste

The vast majority of discarded textiles, offcuts and deadstock are perfectly usable and certainly look better out of landfills. GOOD KRAMA upcycles textile waste from local factories and uses them to create their garments. By using existing fabrics, they are eliminating the resources (water, energy, carbon) it takes to produce new fabrics while tackling the textile waste issue. 

Supporting a living wage

GOOD KRAMA believes in supporting living wages. Their production partners receive above a living wage, health benefits and opportunities for skill growth and development. They work directly with NGOs and social enterprises who provide safe spaces for vocational sewing training and teach women how to make an entire garment, not just work the assembly line.

Amplifying textile craftsmanship
What they don’t upcycle, they hand weave. As seen with the krama, Southeast Asia has a strong heritage in textile weaving that goes back thousands of years. GOOD KRAMA works to amplify this craftsmanship by collaborating directly with rural weaving communities through home-based employment and fair trade practices.
Striving for Circularity

From their product design to their packaging, GOOD KAMA avoids waste and favours everything reusable and recyclable. They even keep all of our own fabric scraps to find creative ways to re-purpose them. They believe that circularity is the only way forward and continuously explore new ways to close the loop. We are also a carbon-neutral company that gives back to clean energy and reforestation programs in Southeast Asia. 

Moreover, they believe that not only the production should be circular, but their retail as well, this is why GOOD KRAMA has joined Palanta’s rental platform.

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