"Why is there no stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion label?" was the question asked over a glass of wine with friends in 2013.

A desire to find products that expressed their styles without harming the planet inspired the founders of the brand JAN 'N JUNE to bring the much-needed change to the fashion industry. Why be ashamed if we care about our outfits because we can now do it responsibly? The brand's minimalist-style clothes with a twist will make you feel one with them and highlight your unique personality.

Behind the scenes

JAN 'N JUNE proves that sustainability can be more than just an empty phrase. They let us in on the details of their operations for full transparency. This is a key part of their business model.

They pay attention to high quality in terms of materials and workmanship - to increase the longevity of each fashion piece.

The products are made fairly in Portugal and Poland. The brand has a manufacturer's map where you can see where the magic happens - overall they work exclusively with producers in Europe. This allows them to visit the factories regularly and keep in close contact. Thanks to this, they regularly visit and have close relationships with suppliers.

Every piece has its own QR code. Scanning it, you can follow the product through every step of production.

The importance of materials

JAN 'N JUNE is proud of itself when it comes to materials. They place a high priority on sustainable fibres.

They try not to mix natural and chemical fibres whenever possible, so the collection is also easy to recycle.

And what are these materials?

JAN 'N JUNE uses organic cotton and recycled cotton. Importantly, their organic cotton is GOTS-certified since July 2021. They also opt in for recycled cotton to lower their impact that comes with growing (organic) cotton - from water to field usage. 

On top of that, organic linen and Belgium Linen™ with a smooth feel are among their favorites. The latter is made from linen grown in Belgium and France. Besides the yarn spinning, all supply chain steps took place in the EU.

Additionally, they chose ECOVERO™ and Tencel™ Lyocell as an alternative to viscose. The wood (more specifically the cellulose) used to make the yarn is sustainably grown and processed and comes only from responsible, certified sources. The process is similar to viscose but more sustainable.

Lastly, their recycled polyamide material, which resembles neoprene, is made from ocean waste and old fishing nets. Less waste and breathable, stylish material? Perfect!

All in all, everything is fair & fun when it comes to JAN 'N JUNE pieces. Especially when you rent them yourself! Check out our JAN 'N JUNE selection

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