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At L’Envers they believe in fewer things made in a better way. Julie and her team believe in mindful, careful and slow consumption. L’Envers believes our planet deserves better. Less waste and less pollution. That’s why they create seasonless pieces with high quality and natural wool, organic cotton and hemp made by local artisans.

The Founder of L'Envers

Julie, a French lady living in Madrid. She was born in a small town in North of France where her great-great-great-great-great-grandfather founded a wool mill, which employed up to 1100 employees, 80% of whom were women.

After Paris, London and Madrid Julie was moving soon to live in the countryside and enjoy a greener and slower life in the mountains next to Madrid with her husband and 3 kids.

She loves cheese and wine, She loves watching her kids playing together, She loves spontaneity and stopping people in the street and asking them to be the next model of L’Envers.

It’s the desire to perpetuate a family legacy of the French Northern textile industry, and a realisation of the flaws of today’s fashion industry that are at the heart of the creation of L’Envers. For Julie it’s a childhood story, a wish to awaken a lost sentimental heritage that she is bringing back to life thanks to the know-how of independent workshops located in Spain where she has lived for a few years.

"After working in large groups I was keen to embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure in 2015. It was when I realized that the fashion industry was the second most polluting in the world that I wanted to offer an alternative and launch a fashion brand that was slow, respectful and with low impact. I work hard to grow L’Envers but like everything in life, it is a question of finding a balance and a meaning to what we do, and surrounding ourselves with people who share the same convictions and ideals. I love my job and find it very exciting to dress people in a way that preserves our beautiful planet and respects the people making it! We make it slow to make it last." - Julie

Pieces designed to last

Julie designs timeless, authentic, simple beautiful pieces whilst ensuring they respect all social and environmental aspects of the production process. That’s why L’Envers partners with the best ateliers knitting/sewing high-quality pieces and source the finest materials for their pieces to stand the test of time.

They defend the idea of individuality and offer pieces in limited edition producing only what is strictly necessary. L’Envers produces small batches and orders small amounts of fabrics. Contrary to a pace of regular and seasonal launches with a limited lifespan, the antipodes of a fast fashion quickly produced, quickly consumed, quickly forgotten, L’Envers’ ethos lies in the offer of a simple and sustainable pieces knitted in small editions.

Environmental impact
Even if the environmental impact of their garments is very limited L’Envers still leaves an unavoidable carbon footprint simply by producing garments, no matter how sustainably sourced their materials are. This is a fact the team can’t ignore and therefore Julie were keen to offset their CO2 emissions, one of the main causes of climate change.

L’Envers is giving 1% of their benefits to support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. Partnering with institutions such as the United Nations is a way for L’Envers to take responsibility and create a positive impact.

Materials at L'Envers

ORGANIC COTTON: L’Envers imports cotton from Brazil, a traditional perennial Moco cotton, a variety native to the semi-arid northern region of Brazil.

They use a natural, undyed cotton that is pure and biodegradable. Certified GOTS and OCCGuarantee. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and sets the highest ecological, sustainable and social requirements for organically and naturally produced fibres.

Easy to take care of, cotton can be eco-friendly hand-washed in cold water, let them dry flat, store them folded to keep their shape.

WOVEN FABRIC: L’Eenvers’ woven fabric is made from 51% organic cotton and 49% organic hemp. It is no wonder that half of all the fabrics produced around the world are made from cotton. Soft and comfortable, this natural material is also hypoallergenic, healthy for your skin, and breathable.

Hemp is one of the oldest fibres in the world and was one of the first to be cultivated by human beings around 10,000 years ago, primarily for medicinal purposes. It is similar to linen in its texture and is easily combined with other natural fibres making it durable and soft, such as our cotton-hemp blend. Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides, it returns 60%-70% of the nutrients it takes back to the soil and uses up to four times less water than other fibres – making it one of the most eco-friendly fibres to produce. Hemp requires no pesticides, no large amount of land, and not much water to grow.

Julie decided to mix these two materials in order to obtain a great softness with 100% natural materials.

Who made your clothes?

L’Envers means the opposite, the reverse in French. “Faire les choses à l’envers”: doing things in an opposite way, in a different manner, offering an alternative to the fast fashion.

L’Envers invites you to turn your clothes inside out (we say in French “mettre son pull à l’envers”) and read the clothing label in order to discover the full story: where it is made, what it is made of and who made it.

L’Envers is a human brand and highlights the behind-the-scenes (we say in French “l’envers du décor”) and gives full transparency. Get to know the people behind our brand!



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