Original and timeless

Maed for mini is a Dutch brand founded by Maerle Mulder and Edward Ouwerkerk, inspired by their experience raising two children and their commitment to the environment.

The Amsterdam-based brand offers soft, quality unisex pieces for children aged 0-10 years which kids can enjoy, and mums-dads can watch with delight as they play happily. 

The brand believes in enduring quality and the power of original and timeless design.

„With the use of carefully selected materials, we strive to create a long-lasting product that can be worn year-round, deserves to be treasured and that can be passed onto next generations.” - Maed for mini

They are the future

Maed for mini brings a touch of humor to our lives with its soft materials, charming silhouettes, and fun prints. And that is the point!

Behind this playfulness is a sense of responsibility and a moral obligation to create in a way that leaves behind a liveable planet for children.

 „Realize that your authenticity is power and you create your own future.” - Maed for mini

Zebra t-shirt for kids by Maed for Mini available to be rented on Palanta the clothing library.

Always one step closer to sustainability

The brand doesn't claim to be perfect, but they are constantly working to do better. 

Each season they increase the percentage of more responsible fibers used in their collections. 90% of their suppliers are GOTS, BSCI, and/or OEKO-TEX certified and they want to increase this to 100%.

80% of their finished products are packaged in oxo-biodegradable bags. These will turn into water, carbon, dioxin, and biomass in 180 days and leave no trace. The remaining 20% is packaged in recycled polyester bags.

They strive to minimize waste. One way is to be careful when planning the amount of material for new designs. They usually don't have much leftover, but if they do, they always try to use it for another (limited edition) style which means they’re consolidating fabrics as much as possible to avoid waste of materials.

They are also supporting local businesses and talent in responsible operations. They constantly look after their employees and the people who make their products. They expect the same from their partners and strictly monitor their working conditions and ensure that their employees are paid fairly. 

Palanta proudly has the brand among its partners. We have been supporting each other's work since our collaboration, and providing continuous feedback to ensure transparent operations,  

Our best-selling pieces range from zebra pattern blouses and velvet rompers for conscious parents.

Choose your favourite Maed for Mini pieces in our collection

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