Perfect couple

The Poppy Field brand reflects the flawless harmony of founders Jade and Benoit. Jade's artistic flair and graceful style create a free-spirited, soft and sexy collection. This is complemented by Benoit's business sense and his photography, which underlines the individuality of the garments.

Bohemian journey

For the duo, Paris and the effortless fashion that permeates it provide the basis. Their passion for travel and exploring the world gave them a huge boost. After visiting countless magical locations, they finally settled in Bali. The couple was enchanted by the diversity of Indonesian culture, beliefs, and traditions. Their love of nature is evident in the distinctive floral patterns of their clothes and their whole way of thinking is steeped in an eco-friendly approach.

Meaningful actions

The brand is committed to the environment through and though. Poppy's fabrics are made on an Indonesian island and then transported to their workshop in Bali. In this way, they can support Balinese people and provide them with a living wage and supportive benefits, giving them an opportunity to make a life for themselves.

From the field to the finished garment, their focus is on production methods, materials, and respect for the men and women who work in this industry.

Through their partners, they work with high-quality materials such as EcoVero/Oekotex Viscose, BetterCotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal fibers, and RWS/RMS labeled wool and mohair.

On top of that, Poppy Field uses only environmentally friendly packaging materials from sustainable sources, which are fully biodegradable and compostable.

This image showcases a Poppy Field jumpsuit in pink & red colours, with leaf print & ornaments

Giving back to the community, they actively support organizations such as Bali WISE and R.O.L.E. Bali WISE is committed to educating marginalized women. R.O.L.E (River, Ocean, Land, Ecology) is focused on the prevention of land-based waste polluting the oceans.

Ultimately, the brand logo perfectly encapsulated their work. It's romantic, ethical, and inspiring.

Wait no more and immerse yourself in this stunning bohemian cavalcade and try it for yourself. Here's our curated selection

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