Rakha – classic pieces from bio-based materials
The Founder of Rakha

Gözde Taskin, the founder and designer of Rakha – a London-based brand – established the company in 2010. Her inspiration and dream were to create a line of clothing that has positive economic, environmental and social effects. When she started the company, sustainably-made products were neither easily accessible nor were affordable for an average consumer. Gözde has decided that she will not make more compromises regarding style, design, and eco-consciousness and as a result Rakha was born.

Gözde studied design in London and Milan. The main fields of the fashion industry where she worked were design, production and product development. In 2019 she received her Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge

Values at Rakha "Do you really need it?"

As the advocate of slow fashion and circular economy, Rakha breaks up with the demand-dictated trends of modern day consumerism and makes a stand for sustainability.

Don’t get fooled by cheap price tags but consider the longevity of the item you buy; especially think “if you really need it. Gözde

Rakha has a unique approach to fashion: it does not follow seasonal trends but rather focuses on re-defining classics resulting in a contemporary look that can be worn for years. It aims for the longevity of a garment and takes the whole supply chain of fashion into consideration. The main ethos is that there is no too small contribution towards a better future.
Rakha’s positive “People and Planet” philosophy is strictly aligning with how their products are made: cruelty free, toxic free, guilt-free, as well as providing fair wages to workers they work with in Turkey. As they work with green manufacturers, their garments live up to specific standards and certifications.
The name itself, Rakha “has no meaning as a word but it is a combination of initial letters relating to comfort and durability in Turkish” according to the Rakha team.
Classic pieces from bio-based materials:

Rakha’s approach towards using vegan, organic, biodegradable and/or recycled materials roots in their commitment to neutralising their gas emissions, limiting  the carbon impact, and reducing water and toxic waste. 

According to Gather and See“80% of Rhaka’s garments are made from all certified biodegradable materials that can be composted in landfill within months and 20% made from recycled GRS certified materials. All the materials the brand uses are either GOTS, Vegan, GRS or Oeko Tex certified.” Rhaka also makes sure that they create a closed-loop system throughout the supply chain as well as considering the life cycle of the products once it’s purchased.  

“Rakha works with mills that use water treatment plants and have policies in place that are aligned with SDG 12 goals set by the UN, these include programs such as industrial symbiosis and targets to reduce energy, water and waste aiming for a Zero waste by 2020.”

- Gather and See.
Not just a clothing brand ... Social commitment

As Rakha is not only extremely committed to the environmental impacts but also addresses the social aspects. They founded the Rakha People Training scheme, which has won an award named “Refugee Challenge”. This program is developing the employability skills of refugees and other disadvantaged women in London. Gözde Taskin’s longer term aims include the creation of a circular economy model with a strong sustainable community focus, aiming to reduce textile waste.

With this goal in mind, Gözde happily joined PALANTA to make an impact and create circularity in the fashion industry. 

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