While Rhumaa as a brand stopped their operations at the beginning of 2020, their message has lived on through the garments they've created and via platforms such as Palanta.

Rhumaa designs are bright, vibrant, and simply transport you to another world. All because the brand has become one with art. Founder Daniel Beernink is entirely in love with South Africa's history and its creators' work.

Every collection is inspired and made in collaboration with an artist. Some tell a personal story, others share hopes, dreams and nearly all, share it with emotion to impact the lives of others in positive ways. African artists tell us their stories through the brand’s collections. Their visions are expressed through print, design, color, and high-quality sustainable fabrics. The prints convey dreams, desires, and hopes. Each is a uniquely characterful narrator of the story of the artist and a powerful tool for making positive changes in others' lives.

You'll find treasures among the timeless and sophisticated pieces because the creators always add a fresh twist. The patterns and colors are inimitable and will lift your mood all day long.

„We are all connected; to each other, to the community, to nature ourselves and what we wear.” Rhumaa


The brand has taken sustainability to heart and tried to make as much of a real impact as possible.

This included the use of sustainable materials, their commitment to recycling, and fair and transparent processes with their employees and partners.


The brand's sources - whether it's labor or materials - were based on fair principles. Their employees were paid a decent wage and worked in decent conditions.

The origin of the fibers was a priority. They tracked and regularly checked the path from the farm through dyeing to the finished fabric. They only selected partners that meet European environmental standards that prevent harmful chemicals from being used. These include GOTS and OEKO-TEX® 100 certification. All their products are also REACH compliant and AZO-free, using materials that are good for the skin and healthy for the environment.

No more talking, let’s now experience the Rhumaa adventure and enjoy their creations with PALANTA.

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