SUNAD – The ‘Made in Spain’ brand

Paloma Canut and Ana Marroquin created SUNAD back in 2015. Supporting Spain’s history and tradition in textiles, SUNAD was born as a Made In Spain brand, where all the products are designed, cut and assembled in Spain. Paloma and Ana both shared a love of studying and it was through their design and management course at Parsons in New York. 

New York is a melting pot of creative talent and we were lucky to be able to shape our careers towards the direction we each desired.

Paloma said.
Even though they both started with the idea of pursuing a career in fashion, Ana moved more towards interior design whilst Paloma focused on graphics, photography and trends. It was only when they both decided to move back to Madrid that they started to develop the concept behind their minimal, fashion contemporary brand ‘sunad’.

Ana and Paloma decided to quit their jobs so they can focus full-time on getting their brand off the ground. Today, they continue working together hand in hand and both love “taking part in all the process.”

We moved back to Spain and we realized the country’s long tradition and history of fashion had been lost due to fast fashion.

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ana and paloma from SUNAD
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As deserts are the starting point for their business and an endless source of inspiration for their shirts, the name, SUNAD, has also something to do with them. Ana and Paloma wanted their love for nature and deserts to be represented in some way in the name of the brand. They came up with the idea of making an anagram of ‘dunas’, dunes in Spanish, to create a new and unique brand — hence, the enigmatic and lyrical, SUNAD.
Inspiration behind SUNAD items

Each clothing is named after a desert (Sunad is an anagram for dunas, or dunes in Spanish), evoking the free spirit of the wind in the desert. SUNAD was born from a love of vintage desert shirts as inspired by the film out of africa; that effortlessly chic, summer look that seemed to transcend decades.

We felt there was no longer a brand or a product that represented that adventurous yet stylish woman of the 70’s. Somewhere down the line we had lost that Yves Saint Laurent woman, the same type of woman that we grew up around and admired so much.

It was this philosophy, coupled with our love of nature that kick-started the whole concept and story behind SUNAD. We try to bring back timeless classics using only natural fibres. Focusing on design, craftsmanship and working with a slow fashion philosophy. The way we picture SUNAD, is based on an understanding that a common denominator exists in everything that inspires us: a play on masculinity and femininity through form and colour. We want this identity to be present in everything we do. Rather than designing trend pieces, we focus on timeless classics produced in the highest quality. Like life, our shirts adapt to you and age with you.

Each season we will come out with one item that isn’t a shirt, but that takes inspiration from the shirt.

Paloma shared.

SUNAD - The ‘Made in Spain’ brand
SUNAD is like an oasis in this fast-paced fashion industry. It advocates a concept that’s become revolutionary today: slow fashion.
[It] was born out of nostalgia of those pieces of clothing that were worn back in the days. Good quality clothes that lasted years and years as the very first day; that were well crafted and never became outdated,
Paloma and Ana explained.

Ana and Paloma come from similar backgrounds and they share the same values and aesthetics, which they feel is a key foundation to the business. 

We are very transparent and committed to making products that not only look good but also are well-made and ethically sourced. Craftsmanship is the foundation of our manufacturing process. A great deal of the textile history and skills are lost in Spain so we feel it is our duty to try and help the remaining artisans and showcase the incredible talent that is still in our country. Our shirts are all handmade in Spain, including our buttons that are made in a small factory in Palma de Mallorca.

Paloma said.
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