Upcycled pieces that bring nostalgia feelings

A new member of the PALANTA group is Szelnce, a fresh Hungarian brand that upcycles one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics into wearable pieces. A selection of the first collection called Aurora Prima is now available for rent at PALANTA.

A combination of nostalgic vintage patterns and fabrics with environmental impact in the leading role, Borbála Töke designed and created her first collection of jackets, blouses and tops.


The concept

Bobála is continuously inspired by her grandmother. Her timeless style, the perfume she wears or the jewelry she choses. In her youth she was attracted to vintage and antique objects, fabrics and designs. That is when she realised that these vintage fabrics have good quality next to their unique designs. Next to that, because they are so unique they give a nostalgic feeling and that is what Borbála wanted to share with her audience.


With a keen eye for vintage curtains, fabrics, tablecloths and bedsheets, Borbála curated her first collection. The materials that she uses might have a unique character, an imperfection or are hand made.

She also managed to combine or have matching fabrics in the collection. This way the pieces can be worn together or separate and still gives you that nostalgic feeling when wearing them. The jackets have an earth toned approach while the blouses and top use pastel and white colors.
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