roses and lilies

roses and lilies

Roses & Lilies

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Feminine shapes and romantic colours.

Roses & Lilies has stepped into the sustainable fashion world to make the fashion industry enjoyable for everyone. For the people who wear the clothes as well as for the people who make the clothes.

With elegance and comfort they create items for you to wear with pride. There’s no guilt, everyone and everything is treated in the nicest way possible. By using only sustainable & organic materials and producing in The Netherlands, they try to do the least harm to the environment. By producing in their own country Roses & Lilies can guarrantee the garment workers are working safe conditions and get paid a living wage. Also they don’t use any fabrics that are made of/with animals. So cruelty free as well! 

Are you joining our mission to create a more enjoyable fashion world for everyone?

About the founder

After graduating (from a study that had nothing to do with fashion) I was figuring out what I wanted to do and then an old passion came back in my mind: fashion! I’ve always had a thing with fashion and I dreamed of owning my own label.

Since I had no background in fashion, I started doing research into the fashion industry. When doing my research my enthusiasm for the fashion industry became less and less. That was because I was learning about all the parts of the chain that were so polluting, the garment workers not working in safe conditions and not getting paid a living wage. It shook me and made me realize that I have to do better!

So that’s what I’m doing now with Roses & Lilies. Creating a fashion industry that’s enjoyable for everyone and everything.

- Susan, founder of Roses & Lilies


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