Handmade scarves keeping craftsmanship alive...

If you are looking for the best accessory for a walk during colder days Urban Medley is the solution. Their hand made scarfs will brighten your stroll through the park while keeping you warm and cozy.

Urban Medley is an Amsterdam based fashion company that focuses on the mix between heritage, art and craftsmanship with outspoken colors and prints to spice up your outfits. This transparent brand with colorful, boundless and energetic experimentation is not bound by age, gender or size which makes it the best accessory for this winter season.

Traditional methods and production

Urban Medley recognizes and celebrates traditional art, embroidery and printing forms of India which if not supported today by the conscious consumers a rich heritage may be lost to us forever. Their handmade scarves are made by using traditional methods such as block printing, therefore there is room for imperfections and happy accidents which translates in unique one of a kind final products.

"Our mission is to introduce you to exclusive products created by designers and artisand from India who are working relentlessly to revive traditional art forms and make fashion sustainable."

- Shayonti, founder of Urban Medley

Eri silk, which is handspun for the exquisite texture it creates, is used for almost all Urban Medley’s products. This method of silk-making stands out from all other different varieties of silk that are on the market today. Eri silk can be used all year round, as it combines the comfort and coolness of cotton and the warmth of wool. Next to silk Urban Medley uses organic cotton and vegan leather for their products. 

Tree Nation

By every order of Urban Medley, a tree is planted in India. By doing so Urban Medley made it possible to compensate 100% of their website’s CO2 emissions. 

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