Introducing the RENT MY WARDROBE initiative

Posted by Martina Novakova on

The Rent My Wardrobe collection is a fresh Palanta initiative bringing together crème de la crème fashion items from sustainable trendsetters - such as entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, or influencers. 

After all, our conscious community means everything to us, and how we can connect, inspire each other, as well as become more circular together. That is why we asked our favourite voices in the sustainable space to share their wardrobes via Palanta. And they definitely delivered. 

Now you can also rent their beloved statement pieces–from eco brands like Studio Cossac or Jan ’n June to a vintage Prada jacket or preloved glamorous gems.


How does it work? We’ve carefully curated the most rentable items and got it delivered to us to make sure all the pieces are sent to you in time and lovingly taken care of after each rental.

At this point, discover the pieces from fashion blogger Alisson Simmonds, sustainable entrepreneur & speaker Talita Kalloe, feminist icon & content creator Rashi Agarwal, conscious creative strategist & filmmaker Martina Novakova as well as the founder of Palanta, Sara Devenyi.

The call is now open to everyone who wants to make use of a few beloved statement pieces in their wardrobe that they don't wear at the moment but just can't let go of them. Fill in the form >HERE< to be considered. 


For now, check all the RMW pieces ready to be rented

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