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If you really think about it…everything is circular. Our hours, days, weeks but we are always aiming to grow, to learn, to do better. Why not improve our clothing habits and make our wardrobe circular as well?

Looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system.

- Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Does sustainable fashion even exist? Can we be 100% sustainable? Not really, but we can always aim to do better, buy less and rent more.

We have partnered up with Chanel Trapman, founder of MUMSTER, a conscious campaign agency that inspires people to take action and change the fashion industry. 

Watch our documentary series about sustainable fashion, mindfulness, women- and motherhood:


Practicing mindfulness will help us to slow down, appreciate what we have, evaluate what we truly need. Mindfulness makes us more conscious about our purchasing decisions and we can change our fast paced consumption approach to our clothes.

With mindfulness we will find more happiness in non-material things and become more conscious and aware of our actions towards ourselves, our loved ones, Mother Nature… and our wardrobes.

Discover our tips on how to live more mindfully and upgrade your sustainable fashion game:



How to connect sustainable fashion & mindfulness?

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Buying sustainable clothing also means buying less clothing. If you are used to always buy a lot of clothes, this can be a bit of a habit. PALANTA is a solution for people who want to wear a new outfit every week, but also want to use their clothing in a sustainable manner. This way you can wear a new outfit for every party/work meeting, date. For each of our garments you are writing its story. While renting you are part of its life and it is part of yours. 

Four reasons why rent your daily clothes:

Own less and wear more

Change your shopping habits - Join the new trend: #RentYourWardrobe.

Help decreasing fashion waste

Expand your wardrobe with a fashion waste-conscious approach.

Dress up in new clothes every month

Experiment, play around, learn how to wear one item in several ways.

Sustaianble wardrobe

By renting you are also contributing to the circular economy and a healthier planet.

anna knitted sweater
wrap skirt jaleesa clows

Four reasons why rent maternity clothes:

Save time

We offer a stylish and affordable wardrobe during your pregnancy delivered to your doorstep.

Stylish mama

PALANTA represents a variety of stylish eco brands. You can mix and match our collection with your existing wardrobe.

Save money

Why spend so much on clothes for such a short period? Rent and pay only a small part of their retail value.

Save space

With PALANTA you can choose your wardrobe as long as it fits you. We help you reduce your fashion waste, with a circular wardrobe for every moment in life.

Three reasons why rent baby clothes:

Save time

Choose, order, rent clothes with one click at PALANTA. Our goal is to let you spend more time with your child, not in crowded or distant stores struggling to buy clothes.

Save space & money

With buying clothes for your newborn boxes of outgrown clothes are inevitable. Rent, PALANTA and save storage space and support a circular economy.

Keep kids’ wardrobe up to age

Kids grow in the blink of an eye, their clothes only last for a short time. Rent with PALANTA. Invest in your child’s future, not in their wardrobe.

Organic materials

No more skin irritations from fast fashion brands' dying methods and poliesters! With our organic materials your baby's skin is safe.

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