Fashion Industry 2.0:
How circularity can fix a broken system

2nd February 2021

4 pm -5 pm (CET)

free access

What is the next normal for the fashion industry?

How circularity can be the ultimate answer to the current broken system of the fashion industry. Fashion is not only fancy clothes and seasonal discounts but a heavily polluting industry with huge environmental and social problems.

How fashion has been altered by covid?

Because of the unexpected pandemic, the fashion industry has been hit the hardest with piles of products left in warehouses which are already out of short-lived fashion styles. As a solution, both companies and consumers have realized they need to rethink the status quo and take steps towards being more sustainable and circular.

Speakers and experts:

We believe that you can care for the environment once you have knowledge about what is wrong and ways how you can help. So to achieve this, we are organizing this event with experts on sustainability and circular economy with hands-on examples and practices.


Andrea Orsag

Co-founder and partner at MissionC, strategy advisory based in Amsterdam on a mission to accelerate the transition to Circular Economy on a global scale.

Andrea Orsag

Rachel Cannegieter-Markus

Circular Fashion expert, founder of Rethink Rebels and guest lecturer at AMFI.


Sara Toth

Founder of PALANTA, a fashion rental platform offering items from sustainable brands only.

Martina Novakova

Creative Strategist for Impact Startups & Sustainable Brands, Marketing Coordinator at PALANTA and moderator of the event.

2nd February 2021

4 pm -5 pm (CET)

free access


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