8+8 outfits for home office – Spring edition for mom & baby

In September 2020, we shared a blog with 9 outfit ideas for the home office. We were hoping that in May 2021, we can share something like “Outfits for festivals” or “What to wear on a night out”. But we are here, still rolling in hour home office and Heaven forbid, in our sweatpants? It can happen with everyone, but let us help you spice up your wardrobe, your life and the home office days!

"And I soon realized working from home, made wearing pants optional."

- Anonymous Stay-at-home-Mother

Outfits for you:

Pants optional: tips to survive working from home

Whether you’re making a full transition to working from home or need to do it for a period of time, here are some tips for personal survival.

  • Shower regularly. It sounds like a joke, but it will happen to you. Stay comfortable, but make sure you still clean up and get dressed to help you get into the right mental mode for work.

  • Have a morning routine. Don’t just roll out of bed and in front of your computer. (Or, heaven forbid, regularly work in bed.) When the lines between work and personal life fade you enter dangerous territory. For example, keep a morning routine just like you did when you went into an office – get up at a reasonable time, get dressed, have coffee/tea/whatever gets you going.

  • Stay connected. Just because you can’t swing by a colleague’s desk and say hello doesn’t mean you should miss out on these personal connections. Talking with our colleagues – about work or personal matters – is what helps us build strong working relationships, generate ideas, and get things done.

  • Actually, use video for conference calls. Seeing people allows you to pay better attention to colleagues and conversations and helps everyone focus by not drifting into web browsing or e-mail. When you actually see the person behind the voice, it helps you connect on a more personal level. 

  • Establish boundaries and stick to them. When you have personal commitments (partners, kids, pets, etc), you need to protect the precious time in a day that you can spend not working. Turn off work messages and put your computer away when it’s going to be family or personal time and really stick to it.

  • Move around. Working from home doesn’t mean you literally have to work from the same space every day. When your concentration is starting to fade, simply moving to a new room can help. This can be as simple shifting between different places in your home, or (when it makes sense) you can go for a walk or head to a place like a coffee shop or library.

Outfits for you:

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Do you have a baby to dress up as well? We have you covered:

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