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What a match!

We chosen a location for our launch that stands for the same values we have at PALANTA. De Ceuvel is a sustainable breeding ground for creative and social entrepreneurs. A vibrant community of entrepreneurs and artists with a green heart, who have single-handedly helped build their workplaces in Amsterdam’s first circular office park. 

The transition to a circular economy and society is not only a technical transition, it is also a cultural transition. Transition: people must learn to deal with new techniques and associated ideas. The cultural program at the Ceuvel aims to plant a seed for every visitor that will grow to increase awareness of sustainability, innovation and the role of art and culture in this.


Our lovely guests were treated with delicious, plant based bonbones from ROOTS Amsterdam, sustainability on top!

These guests didn’t need any clothes. Anna, founder of SZVAKA Studio brought her signature nude yoga ceramic collection to accompany us during the event. Alla bout women empowerment, mindfulness and creativity!

We received a real treat: Ritual of Namasté brightening face exfoliator. Made from Holy lotus, which is a symbol of purity, beauty and wisdom, and Saffron flower, also known as “the red gold of the East”. #Mindfulness


What an inspirational woman, mother Florine is! We could learn more about how to live our lives by acting out of love, not our of fear. How can we become women leaders? Florine (and now our guests too) knows the answer.

Hanneke brought us to an island of mindfulness for cca 20 minutes during our launch event. By meditation among wonderful people, you can really feel the change after getting back from that far-far-away state of mind.

Circularity and sustainability evangelist, Andrea shared her sustainable fashion story with us and we could have a better insight of the ugly truth of the fast fashion industry and amazing tips how can we start our transition towards a more circular wardrobe.

Tip nr. 1

SOW&GROW documentary

To open PALANTA’s launch event, we started with watching the first episode of our documentary. 

In our ‘SOW & GROW’ documentary series, we want to educate women about building a sustainable wardrobe, but also a sustainable life, by covering all relevant topics like womanhood, motherhood, mindfulness and circular fashion.

Writer and mother launched the documentary by reading a part of her book: Nieuw leven. She also appears in our documentary, answering the question: What id the biggest challenge of being a mother?

Fashion creative and mother, Ida opened the documentary in boat nr. 1. She answering the question of what does spirituality mean to her in our documentary.

Green Catwalk

What happens when you work together with the most creative and passionate team? PALANTA was lucky to work with MUMSTER team who created a spectacular green catwalk at the event.

A reverse fashion show

Walking on the wooden path, visitors could see some of our pieces and while our models were introducing the brands, they could learn more about their stories.


Thank you for those who were there on this special day. It was a beautiful closure of my 1,5 years of interviewing, market research and preparation.

And also, it was the best way to plant the seed of PALANTA and to let it grow to become a new way of living and more conscious way of dressing up.


Loving the pictures? Write us at and we’ll send you the HR ones.

Huge thanks for the documentary, launch campaign, event and all to the MUMSTER team: Chanel, Rowie, Martina, pictures by: Sascha, Laura. Beautiful models: Noa, Bodil and Annelies. ❤

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