Authenticity - YOGA & MEDITATION

with Florine Duif & Studio Bondi

The Hague, June 16th 18.30 - 20.00

About the event

Meditation is being in tune with your inner universe. Authenticity draws people to us, and allows us to have meaningful dialogues with ourselves and others.

Join us for a yoga and meditation event on the beach of The Hague.

We will start the event with meaningful talks about authenticity and how do we surrender ourselves.

Florine Duif is well-known for advocating for mindfulness and meditation, so we are collaborating with her to bring you an authentic experience. 

During the event, you will also receive a yoga class by Studio Bondi.

meditation workshop

Why join?


Meditate and relax with Florine. Find peace within you.

Yoga class

Join a yoga class by Studio Bondi on the beach.


Meet and connect other like-minded people.


Learn more about consciousness and mindfulness.

Meditaiton Event

  • Yoga class from Studio Bondi
  • Meditation by Florine Duif
  • Rental discount from Palanta
  • Mindful goodiebag for you
  • Healthy juice at the beach
only 10 spots

Location & Date

Beach of The Hague

June 16th 2021. 18.30-20.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is one group?

We aim for a mindful and intimate setting, so the group will be a maximum of 10 attendees.

In what language is the workshop?

Language: The workshop can be in both English and in Dutch, depending on the participants.

What should I bring?

Bring your own yoga mat, towel, some warm clothes and your authentic self. See you there 🙂

What if I can't attend?

Full refund if you notify us 10 days before class begins. We can’t refund if you do not notify us or within 10 days of the event.

Authenticity - YOGA & MEDITATION

with Florine Duif

The Hague, June 16th 18.30 - 20.00


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