Monthly Memberships Q&A

So many of you have asked us to launch a monthly subscription, and here we are. Memberships are the best way to ease your way into renting our sustainable collection and make it as accessible as possible.

Till the rest of the year, we are opening this unique opportunity to a limited number of renters:
15 people for the women’s and maternity subscriptions and 15 for the baby memberships to try this new way of renting with us.

Memberships Q&A

What is the “why” behind memberships? Why did Palanta decide to do it?

We wanted to make rentals more accessible to everyone. Our customer interviews also led us here to launch memberships, most of the people said, this would give them more possibilities to try more of our brands.

Each membership has now a limited number of spots until the end of the year - 15 in particular. Why is that?

We wanted to test this idea first, so we decided to go with a limited number of rentals, which is 15 people for the women’s and maternity collection and another 15 people who can rent from the baby collection. Moreover, we decided to do a limited number of people to have enough items in stock available at any time they want to make an exchange.

When you compare the price of the membership to the pay-as-you go options, it’s really a bargain. What prompted you to do it? And is such a price sustainable for you as a business?

It’s definitely a bargain, and may I add, this introductory price is just for these 15 people, so yes, it’s really a treat. Just doing a quick calculation, if you rent with the pay-as-you-rent model, our cheapest women’s items are €19 for 2 weeks. That’d be €114 for a month to rent 3 items, instead now, with these memberships, you can rent 3 items for €40 a month. For us, as a business, we think of long term solutions and our long-term goal is to show people why renting is good and educate them how to implement fashion rentals in their lives.

  • Monthly Membership – Women’s Collection 3 items/month

    50.00 / month
    Sign up now

It does say there is a minimum of 3 months to subscribe to the memberships. Is there any maximum? Why the minimum of 3 months?

For now, we only launched this limited memberships edition for 3 months, so both the maximum and minimum is 3 months. We would like to test the idea and the process, so we decided to go with a minimum of 3 months, so people can experience it to the fullest – especially during the busy Christmas season.

  • Monthly Membership – Baby & Kid’s Collection 5 items/month

    40.00 / month
    Sign up now

Every month you can choose 3 new items and then decide to keep them, or return or just to change one or two items and keep the rest.

We planned our test round for 3 months, so at this moment no cancellation is available.

We use recycled mailers at the moment, which you can save for returns and reuse them, as they have 2 stripes to seal the package – one for shipping and one for returns.

Nothing has really changed in our logistics, so you can choose insurance for €8 and then if something is damaged, you are covered up to €50. If we cannot repair the item, you have to pay the full price.

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