how PALANTA works


Choose from our carefully selected sustainable clothes. Subscribe to your favourite pay-as-you-rent. Or enjoy the flexibility and more items with our monthly memberships.


Wear your chosen clothes as long as you want or change them monthly. Enjoy your ethical wardrobe and receive compliments!


Simply return, prolong, purchase with a discount. Or choose your new selection for the next period.

Circular Wardrobe

We aim to expand the lifecycle of each garment by assuring that once your love story is over , it is passed on for someone new to love it and enjoy.

Sustainable Collection

Selected pieces from ethical brands are ready to spice up your wardrobe.


No fixed memberships, just individually priced clothes. Save money by buying less and renting more.

Monthly Membership

Enjoy the flexibility and more items with our monthly memberships. (coming soon)

Eco-friendly cleaning

We use environmentally-friendly detergents and disinfectant the clothes with a steaming process.

Styling advice & try-on

We provide personal consultation and you can visit our physical locations to try-on your selected items in The Hague, Rotterdam.


Join our conscious events

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