Join as a brand

With our rental model, ethical brands can reach new customers and be highlighted in the growing circular economy.

Our mission is to help eco brands to be well-known in new markets, get more sales, and receive more customer reviews by offering their items for rent via PALANTA’s platform.

Benefits for brands

We are used to the linear take-make-dispose principle. Less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled.

Make your brand more sustainable. By joining our platform, you are also participating in the circular movement.

With business experts, we support your brand development and your journey of becoming a circular label.

PALANTA gives you the opportunity to earn more on every item and generate up to +160% of your wholesale revenue with renting. You get a commission after each rental, plus we sell the items and give you back the wholesale amount at the end of their rental life.

We provide inclusive reports and customer feedback on: materials, pricing, style, design, sizing & more.

We also ask and encourage our renters to take pictures in clothes so you can use those to promote your brand as well.

While we support you with marketing and customer insights, you can concentrate on the important things: developing a clothing line in the most sustainable way that customers love.

With campaigns and unique projects, we are working on highlighting our brands constantly.

Let it be events, documentaries, influencer photoshoots, pop-ups and much more. Our marketing team is here for you.

With renting, you reach new customer segments. These renters can experience your items, and when they decide to purchase them, we help you sell garments to them.

We sell your items to our renters, so they can purchase your items when they fall in love with them.

We will give you commission after each time your items are rented out. At the end of the rental life, we sell the items and pay you back a wholesale price.



Respect and pay them ethically.

We just love brands with a great story

... and we love to tell your story to our community!

Design timeless, high-quality pieces

So our rental community can enjoy it for longer.


Show your brand values & sustainable practices.

Eco materials

Use sustainable and/or circular (recycled, upcycled) materials.

Use of pictures

We can use your pictures and start introducing your brand right away.

We are excited to work with you! Apply via this form or send us an email at brands[@]