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With Palanta’s monthly memberships, satisfy your fashion cravings and expand your wardrobe with new, premium brands every month - without ever shopping again. Now you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 items every month for a fixed monthly price.

How it works


Choose one of our three memberships below and let us know in the checkout which items you would like to rent.


Keep your selected items for the month and enjoy mixing them with the clothes you already own.


Once the month is over you can decide if you want to keep the items for longer or try something new.

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save up to €312 / year

membership bundles

Get an affordable bundle and freeze your membership price for 3, 6 or even 12 months!


Membership FAQ

You can choose from hundreds of conscious styles including women, maternity and baby clothes. Dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, coats, anything you’d need for a complete wardrobe.

If you see that one item is rented at the moment, you can subscribe to the item using the form on the product page. Once the item is available again you’ll be notified.

We ship in The Netherlands.
Would you like to rent from somewhere else? Write to us at

Of course! If you want to upgrade to a higher membership make sure to email us at and we will assist you with the next steps.

Yes, you can add insurance on the product page. This option will ensure that your items are covered for up to €50/item for damages and repairs.

By subscribing to one of our memberships you agree to a minimum of 3 months of active membership. If you have received a voucher for 1-free-month of membership, please note, that your 3rd month will be refunded.

Check out our general FAQ section or get directly in contact with us using our contact form.

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