I've planted a seed of motivation to do more for our planet, which is nurtured by Palanta's conscious community, so the sprout can grow into action to revolutionise women’s clothing habits and to re-educate the current fashion industry in a fun and fashionable way.

this is


our values

Ethically produced

Our brands share their production practices and show us how they work with their workers.

Organic & circular materials

Most of our collection is made from organic materials such as cotton, bamboo or tencel. Some of our items are recycled, upcycled or deadstock fabrics.

Smart packaging

Our packaging is proudly boring. We ship in compostable mailers that you can use for returns as well. We will soon introduce our reusable garment bags.

Repair service

With repairing, we can keep the garments in circulation for longer.

Humble beginnings

Our story begins in a small room with a small suitcase. With nothing but passion and a dream, Palanta was born. I passed my idea of creating my sustainable label, to support other brands in being more circular, meantime highlighting their stories and connecting them with a new community via rentals.

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In our ‘SOW & GROW’ documentary series, we want to educate women about building a sustainable wardrobe, but also a sustainable life, by covering all relevant topics like womanhood, motherhood, mindfulness and circular fashion.

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To celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day, we have sat down with inspiring founders, trailblazers, creators, trendsetters and more to ask them what they have given birth to and how they have shaken the status quo.

watch the 'Loud legacy' series