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Benefits for brands

Make your brand more sustainable and circular by joining our community and rent clothes for your photoshoots.

With our B2B rentals, you can get all the clothes from one place for your shoot without supporting the linear system. Simply rent!

No more unneccessary purchases, simply renntals. Get your special offer via

With campaigns and unique projects, we are working on highlighting our brands constantly.

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Case study with Loints of Holland


Loints of Holland is a sustainable shoe brand, designed in the Netherlands, produced in Europe and started in 1918. As strong advocates of a healthy lifestyle, we design shoes that symbolize endless wearing comfort.

"Why does it good for Loints of Holland to rent the items via Palanta? The service Palanta provides, works easily and we are confident that our values of sustainable and ethically made products are met. We have been renting items from Palanta for three seasons now." - Ruben, Art-director

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