sow& grow documentary series

In our ‘SOW & GROW’ documentary series, we want to educate women about building a sustainable wardrobe, but also a sustainable life, by covering all relevant topics like womanhood, motherhood, mindfulness and circular fashion.

"Because we know, our clothing habits today have an impact on our children’s tomorrow."

We collaborated with experts and inspiring role models, like writer Milou Deelen, mother and writer Lois Kruidenier and mother and style icon Ida Kakisina and mother and blogger Jennifer Rijs. Circular fashion expert Andrea Orsag, co-founder of MissionC is sharing her knowledge to really show the importance of building that sustainable wardrobe and tips on how to do it.

Discover the story behind PALANTA & listen to honest testimonials from the women who we've interviewed.


How did PALANTA start? What is fast fashion? What does Lois find the most challenging of being a mother? What does spirituality mean to Ida? What does Milou & Nadja find the most beautiful and difficult part of being a woman? How did Jennifer switch from fast fashion consumersim to a capsule wardrobe?


Learn more about how PALANTA works, our values, requirements and mission. Moreover, Andrea Orsag, circular economy evangelist, shows us what circular fashion and rental are really about.

Watch the honest interviews with Milou Deelen and Lois Kruidenier about their fashion journeys.


What is your strenght? What is the srtenght of a woman? Are you already conscious when it comes to your wardrobe?

We are discovering these and other questions with Nadja van Osch and Ida Kakasina who gave us honest and thoughtful answers in the last episode.