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PALANTA in the press

A Hungarian girl builds airbnb of fashion in the Netherlands, basing it on a circular economy.

Dora Melis, Journalist at Forbes

I hope the rental of clothing will be more normal than bringing your clothes to the textile waste pile.

Vogue NL - by Marjolein Brand

You can rent from PALANTA for 2 weeks, this is the time period until your body feels the endorphin kick after a purcahse.

Marie Clarie magazine

What we now call ‘slow fashion’ is a movement that has started a few years ago. Since, thousands of people have started sharing the idea of shopping sustainably. I had the chance to meet one of these passionate and dedicated young sustainable consumers, Sara Toth.


and more...

SAfm Radio South African Broadcast Corporation radio station.

Why do we need to change our shopping and fashion habits to live on a more beautiful and livable planet? These will determine the future of our children.

PALANTA pitch at GreenGlobe Festival


TV interview with Sara

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