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PIA eri silk scarf

rental price: 19.00 every 2 weeks
retail price: €115


100% eri silk

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This opulent scarf is a perfect mix of classic ageless and state-of-the-art. This burnt brick hue which is timeless has been modernised with the addition of the black and white chequered pattern. The pure Eri silk scarf is versatile- can be thrown across any outfit and still look like it fits, can be draped in many different ways.

This multipurpose chic scarf will definitely be a smart addition to your wardrobe.

Size & Fit

200 x 56 cm


While you are renting this garment, make sure NOT to wash it, we’ll take care of that. Dry clean only and always keep in the dust bag provided.


Each organic silk scarf is handcrafted. The yarn is woven without harming the silkworms- hence we fondly call it the peace or Ahimsa Silk. Once the weaver has spun the fabric the printers start block printing each piece.

Though we carefully inspect every piece, there can be minor imperfections that sets it apart from a machine-made scarf. In some ways, the human imperfections connect you to the designers and weavers located in a village in remote India. You can help our artisans by being a proud owner of one of our women’s scarves. The scarves are designed at Aeshaane.


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