Roses & Lilies – feminine shapes and romantic colours

The newest member of the PALANTA family is Roses & Lilies, a feminim brand with a collection made of sustainable materials. Founders Rosanne Bal and Susan Verwayen just released their first collection that is now available for rent at PALANTA. As always, we love to introduce new brands and the story behind the clothes. 

“Fair for the environment, fair for the employees and fair to the animals.“

- Roses & Lilies


The first collection of Roses & Lilies is made of mostly natural or semi-synthetic materials such as Tencel that is sometimes mixed with elastane for more flexibility. The collection has 11 pieces in total from which 5 styles are available for rent at PALANTA. In those pieces, there are a variety of tops, pants, dresses and jumpsuits. With feminine shapes and romantic colours, this collection is perfect for summer evenings on the beach. 

The collection is made and designed in The Netherlands, Groningen at an atelier called Kleerlijk. The atelier is run by two young entrepreneurs that also just started.

Susan and Rosanne

Who made your clothes?

Blog with tips and stories (Dutch)

What’ new series explores the process and production chain behind the Roses & Lilies collection. This series gives the audience a good impression of how the two ladies have been setting up their brand, what kind of challenges they have faced and how they made sustainable choices. It is a personal, behind the scenes series that creates more transparency for the customer. 

Next to that, Roses & Lilies gives tips about materials, how they are made, their ecological footprint and how to take care of them. In addition, they share DIY tips such as dyeing with natural materials at home, which is just the perfect sustainable activity during a lockdown. 

At last, they provide their readers with sustainable fashion campaigns that show that the people behind the brand are up to date with the current actions that are taking place. Besides, they interview sustainable entrepreneurs that inspire them and hopefully will inspire you too. 

Roses & Lilies is now available for rent at PALANTA in the sizes -small, medium and large.

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