Sanetta – natural, simple and practical

Natural, simplicity and quality describe best what Sanetta stands for. This family run company now in the hands of its third generation is transparent about their production. Since 1957 Sanetta have respected the environment, employees, customers and business partners making them one of the leaders in the market for manufacturing children’s clothing.

“Natural, simple and practical materials – that’s Sanetta. With this in mind, we are increasingly using organic cotton in our products, making sure we only buy it from sources that comply with the GOTS criteria and that treat both their employees and the environment well.“

- Sanetta


Sanetta Pure is minimalist, delicate, clean and timeless at the same time. With its soft shades and neutral prints, the collection can be combined with any other garment as well. It is characterized by high quality goods and small details in the sizes 56-86 (babies) and 92-104 (kids).

Sanetta only uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton. Making it a natural, chemical-free brand which is safe to use for babies and children. Their clothing is also tumble resistance without adding toxic chemicals during the process.


The Sanetta headquarter is located in Meßstetten, Germany where the design and distribution takes place only using solar power energy that was generated by Sanetta themselves. Sanetta has their own production facilities located in Romania and Bulgaria where their trained sewers have ergonomically designed workstations. Next to that, because of these shorter transport routes more fuel is saved as well.

By running their own production in Europe, they are able not only to comply with stringent European quality standards, but also to secure their employees’ jobs in accordance with European social norms.


  • Vegan silk and organic cotton unisex cardigan

    13.00 / month
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  • Retro style long sleeve shirt

    6.00 / month
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  • LOVE my planet sweater in rust

    6.00 / month
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  • Fluffy jacket in white

    12.00 / month
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Care for kind programs

Sanetta organizes multiple programs under the project called Care for kids. During the programs the focus is on the children. At the Care for kids programmes children are encouraged, enthused and supported to try out different sports, learn how to cook or their creativity is challenged. 

We have sizes from 56-86 (babies) and 92-104 (kids)! 

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