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What a crazy year we had! Back in 2019 January, I had the vision to revolutionise women’s clothing habits and to re-educate the current fashion industry. I started my new life in a new country, with one suitcase and I decided it was time to take action. 

And so PALANTA was born, just like planting a seedling, an idea and concept dedicated to sustainable fashion. An idea to rent out sustainable and ethically made clothing. As an answer to over-consumerism and fashion waste in the clothing industry, driven by an ambition to contribute to a healthier planet and a circular economy.

Let me share with YOU, where we are now and how could we work together to build the future of The PALANTA Conscious Wardrobe Community.

PALANTA introduction

Where we are now

So here we go for the first blog post! I’m writing this from my living room office as we all have to stay home and safe during these crazy times of coronavirus. But let’s talk about where we are with PALANTA!

On our landing page, you can subscribe to claim your VIP access and reserve clothes before our launch in September 2020. You can join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram to receive more sneak peeks and info of PALANTA.

We are also working hard in the background to optimize the website, create the collections from our sustainable brands and create our events calendar. Speaking of events!

Yes, the PALANTA concept also has an educational character. We support our ECOmmunity to take a step towards green fashion: a conscious wardrobe focussed on sustainable production, organic materials and improved working conditions. 

At eco events, clothing swaps you can meet like-minded people and exchange knowledge, even struggles considering green living and reducing your fashion footprint. During our workshops, you can learn how to upcycle and repair your clothes so they do not end up in landfills. 

I was lucky to meet Paloma, a like-minded sustainable fashion warrior – who will create you the PALANTA collection filled with beautiful eco-clothes from sustainable brands. Moreover, she will teach you how to upcycle your clothes during our workshops.

What’s happening next?

We will receive our first collections in August, upload them on the website and share it with those who subscribed for VIP access.

From September 2020, everyone can rent out sustainable clothing via! For our pilot, we will deliver in The Hague and Amsterdam. Are you from somewhere else? Let us know and we will bring you PALANTA!

During September we will organise events and educational talks and create the community of fashion connoisseurs.

I bet during quarantine time you realized how much clothes you have not worn since 2015. What about a clothing swap? Or an upcycling workshop? Stay connected and receive the dates from first hand!

Why are we the most sustainable fashion rental company?

If clothes could speak…

In our collection, you will only find garments with a story. Did you know? Wearing a dress suits you better if you know #WhoMadeYourClothes. We offer a broad variety of timeless, high-quality pieces, with sophisticated patterns and colours to spice up your wardrobe and invest in healthier fashion industry.

From production to your doorstep: we are sustainable all the way! The Brands we represent are 100% committed to sustainable production, organic materials and ethical working conditions. PALANTA uses eco dry-cleaning, compostable packaging and focuses on green transport solutions for delivering your orders.

Pay as you rent:

Say no to expensive boxes and limited clothing packages!nThe PALANTA subscription model was shaped for your needs. A flexible and attractive ‘Pay as you Rent’ concept: you only pay for what you actually rent at the time. This is extra practical for mothers with newborn children or for those who would like to enjoy new clothes every month in a sustainable way!

Alright, that’s it for the first blog, don’t forget to claim your VIP access and join the community.

Sunny and joyful wishes,

handwritten sara

Get in touch with the conscious wardrobe community

picture of Sara, founder of PALANTA

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