Gift and upcycling ideas for the festive season
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With the holidays just around the corner PALANTA wanted to inspire you to make your season as sustainable as possible. Therefore, PALANTA rental gift cards are available from now on via our website.

Give it to a loved one who loves to try out different sustainable brands or who is just at the beginning of their sustainable fashion journey. The gift card can be purchased between 10 and 100. Next to that, PALANTA also created a list for you with other sustainable gift ideas and an upcycling tutorial for the coming season!

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Szvaka is run by Anna Szvák who makes handmade ceramics in The Hague from her home studio. From pots and vases to jewelry holders and mugs, she has everything in a wide variety of shapes and forms all within her own experimental style. 

Anna gets inspired by the human body, animals, nature and asymmetrical shapes. Her favourite colors are red, white and black which she repeatedly uses in her artworks. Next to that, Anna also educates participants about sustainable ceramic making and mindfulness – how can mindfulness be achieved through creating imperfectly perfect ceramics. Anna only has a limited number of ceramics to avoid overproduction, so be quick if you want to order from her.

Stay tuned for collaborations and workshops with PALANTA in 2021.

sustainage gift idea - ceramics

The earrings from Toaie will make you dance and feel like you are a Mayan princess. This brand sells handmade jewelry from Colombia with beautiful designs and color combinations. The owner of Toaie, Lara, focuses on aesthetics without forgetting and respecting the materials they use. The perfect accessory to spice up your outfit!

sustainage gift idea - earring

The Do Nation is an Amsterdam based start-up supporting branding, design and quality products. When purchasing an item from their webshop they will support charities and good causes around the world. The Do Nation sells handmade jewelry and designer t-shirts and tote bags made from sustainable materials.

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Foekje Fleur is a Rotterdam based product designer focusing on creating awareness around plastic waste. Her bottle vases are a recreation of plastic bottles that she finds floating in the Maas river near her home. By recreating the plastic bottles as a ceramic vase with pastel colors, they become a friendly reminder of the plastic problem we are facing today. Next to that she sells soap holders, organic soaps and memory cards all inspired by sustainable problems such as food waste or microplastics.

sustainage gift idea - vase

The sustainable fashion gift card can be used by more than 60 sustainable fashion brands! And that number is getting higher and higher each week. Next to that, this gift card can be used online and offline, and it is also valid for different workshops, rentals and styling coaches. The perfect fashion gift card for the sustainable fashionista! Soon to be redeemed at PALANTA as well.

A Lost Stock box is a great gift for those who enjoy surprises while supporting a social justice cause. The box consists of three pieces of garment from orders that have been cancelled at the factories when the outbreak of COVID-19 started. The boxes give the workers in Bangladesh a fair pay for their work while offering your loved one a selection of high-quality clothes. 

A knitting set from Wool and the Gang is such a nice present for someone who likes to make their own things. WATG has knitting sets for both beginners and more advanced knitters. They also have a huge variety of patterns, tools, and yarns not only for knitting but crocheting, macrame, and embroidery as well. 


Making something yourself is a great way to start a new hobby or learn a new skill. For me it also opened my eyes about how long it takes to knit a scarf and how much concentration and energy goes into a piece of clothing.

sustainage gift idea - yarn

Upcycled jars for Christmas Advent

Advent candles are the strat and end of the Christmas season. On a Sunday four weeks before Christmas the first candle is lit and every Sunday till Christmas another one is being lit marking the festive season. It is such a beautiful and delicate way to celebrate Christmas and PALANTA has a tutorial for an upcycled version of this advent tradition.

You will need: 

  • 4 repurposed glass jars
  • 4 (vegan) candles
  • Thread 
  • Decoration, such as leafs
  • A plate or tray

Follow the video to create your own upcycled advent candles!

About the author

After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Graphic and Data Design, Dora Varga wanted to write and design for a company with purpose. Therefore, Dora set up her own blog, called Choiceful, where she writes about sustainable lifestyle choices and the current problems and future solutions of the fashion industry. With PALANTA being one of the solutions, it was the perfect match to combine this interest and write about the different aspects of sustainable lifestyle for this refreshing sustainable rental company.

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